What’s an At-Home STI Test Like? – Surprisingly Glam

The glam side to peeing in a cup is doing it beside a scented candle you saved for such a special occasion.

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3 Lipsticks For Spring/Summer ’17 – I Would Date Each of These

In the spirit of being a stereotype, I admit to being fascinated by influencers and buying things they’re affiliated with. Not useless things like cushions with Louis Theroux’s face on so I can finally sit on his face. Or Dita von Teese’s nipple clamps.

Practical bits to bust the traps on the path to self fulfillment. Like… lipstick.

Try not to think about it:

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Why You Shouldn’t Tell a Woman to Smile – My Dental Battle to Date

When I was 19, my ex-boyfriend hit me in the face with a door in a hostel room in Cork which cost me a third of my left-front incisor.

When I was 11, I had to get my lower adult molars out because they had abscessed and I couldn’t sleep any more.

When I was 23, I went on my first holiday in Prague with my now boyfriend and had to get an emergency extraction which led to a secondary infection and us spending over half of our time there in the hostel room not knowing how to turn on the air conditioner.

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3 Perfect Gift Sets for Make Up Lovers – High-End and Affordable

Generally, I’m more delighted by the opportunity to try a little bit of a variety of products rather than spending a small fortune on a full-sized product. Inevitably, I’ll end up getting sick of how it suits me before I finish the product.

In that spirit of insatiable consumerism and, of course, Christmas, I’ve been lusting over gift sets.

The lobes in the brain that control sexual arousal and make up visual processing in me are practically conjoined.


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What are Microbeads and Why Are They So Terrible?

Holland is so point. Just ask Nikkie:

Last year, they were among the first nations in Europe to ban microbeads.

But why would you ban microbeads? What are microbeads other than tiny, presumably cute spheres? WHAT IS THIS INJUSTICE?!

Well, before we get ahead of ourselves and capitalize what we don’t mean, here’s a quick background check I’ve done on microbeads.

What are microbeads?

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7 Sites Like Asos that Charge in Euro – YAAASS

As a child raised by the BBC, Ireland is still under the UK’s thumb. When it comes to online retail that serves Ireland, they have the Union Jack on top of that mountain at least.

That’s a monopoly, but Asos is yet more of a monolith. However, when you’ve spent the last week and a half in bed with cystitis (more on that to follow in another, obviously sexy, post) you’ve exhausted its resources. To broaden the movement-less shopping horizon, here are 7 sites like Asos that charge in Euro (and GBP. And AUD. And Hungarian Florint. Maybe.) Continue reading

Full Face of the Cheapest Make Up Possible

False economy can be your friend. Sometimes you don’t have the extra quid to spend on a quality increase, even if it is substantial.

I’ve been there, so herein I’ve assembled a full face of the cheapest make up possible. If it blinds us, it blinds us.

L.A. Colors Liquid Make Up – €1.35

LA COLORS Liquid Makeup - Buff - LCLM281-500x500.jpg

I mean, it probably doesn’t have the coverage of a veil made of cling film on a windy wedding day, but it exists.

Genuine review here. But we don’t care, we’re impoverished!

Kleancolor Skingerie Sexy Coverage Concealer – €1.80

KLEANCOLOR Skingerie sexy coverage concealer - Porcelain  - KCCC2589-2598-500x500.jpg

Apologies for every stock I choose being so fair. I will enter a raffle to rename my shade colour “unded” as penance.

E.L.F. Essential Flawless Face Powder – €1.80

e.l.f. Essential Flawless Face Powder - Ivory - EF23175n-500x500.jpg

If pigment comes from this, I will use it to paint the walls of my over-priced rental accommodation.

NYC Smooth Skin Primer – €4.08

NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer - White

Smooth me out like one of your political crises (I couldn’t think of anything quite as clever for this one)

Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Brow Kit – €3.49

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Brow Kit - Light Medium  - Click to view a larger image

Well, pluck me.

Kiko All Stars Face Palette – €4.40 (on sale)

All Stars Face Palette

I don’t quite know why the packaging on this looks like a knock-off American football jersey, but here we are.

Kiko Liquid Intense Eyeliner – €3.40

Liquid Intense Eyeliner

The yet cheapest way to give curtains to the windows of your soul.

City Color Classic Mascara – €1.80

CITY COLOR Classic Mascara - Black

This is where I’m suspicious that the blinding will start.

L’Oreal Paris Pressed Eyeshadow Quad – €0.90 (on sale)

L'OREAL PARIS Project Runway Limited Edition Pressed Eyeshadow Quad - The Queen's Gaze - LRRWES416-500x500.jpg

Christian Siriano is lasting in his field and so can your crease definition. (Ooof, tenuous there)

Wet ‘n’ Wild Silk Lipstick – €0.90


Full face price: €23.92

Prices are correct as of 7th of November, 2016. If I’ve missed a step, let me know in the comments below. Or, if you’ve tried any of the above products, let me know how you get on and if you can see.